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With over 180 Billion miles of data driven, millions of drivers, and growing clients, we have insights to share about road safety, ways apps can learn to use driving behavior to improve their businesses, and more. Check here regularly to see the latest!

Safety Insights for All

Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road crashes around the world. But with driver data, humanity can course-correct and make the changes needed to prevent 100% of traffic collisions! Our data studies are published to support decisions that result in saved time, money, and lives!

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2018 School Safety Study

How dangerous are the drivers around your kid's school? We studied areas around over 125,000 schools nationwide and analyzed over 10.5-billion miles driven within them, and assigned a score to each school based on unsafe driving events detected by the Zendrive platform.

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Driver Personas: New Behavioral Clusters and Their Risk Implications

In 2018, we used our massive dataset and our machine learning algorithms to precisely measure driver risk. Rather than using proxy variables like age, homeownership, and education to rate risk, we looked at how people actually drove, including factors like phone use, hard braking, and more.

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Zendrive Loss Control Study: The Riskiest Driving Behavior Costs More Than You Think

We found that the bottom 25% of fleet drivers accounted for roughly 50% of all collisions. This study analyzes these drivers’ substantial improvement on the road after being coached through the Zendrive Dashboard.

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2018 Distracted Driving Snapshot: Distracted Driving is 100 Times Worse Than Thought

Distracted driving is far worse than we thought. How bad? 100 times worse than the most reliable data available. Zendrive’s 2018 Distracted Driving Snapshot reveals that 69-million drivers use their phones behind the wheel every day, far higher than the 660,000 daily distracted drivers reported by government data.

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Predictable Risk: Zendrive Partners With Milliman To Develop the Industry's Most Predictive Risk Model

For our 30-billion mile milestone, we conducted a granular analysis of our dataset with Milliman, a leading actuarial firm. With our massive dataset, we constructed a risk model that’s proven to be 6-times more predictive than industry leaders.

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2017 School Safety Study

Using our driving safety analytics technology, we mapped out areas around 75,000 schools nationwide and analyzed over 3.4 billion driver miles driven within them. We came up with safety report cards (A+ through F, of course) for schools, counties, and states across the US.

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2017 Commute Study: The Riskiest Bay Area Commutes

With nine out of ten drivers distracted by their phone while driving in the Bay Area, telecommuting has become a nightmare. We studied 1.2M trips over 21M miles along the busiest 18 commutes in San Francisco to find when and where the worst drivers are on the road.

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2017 San Francisco Mission Street Study

Can projects aimed at improving bus service also improve safety? Zendrive conducted an analysis to measure the impact of the project, collecting data before and after certain features–such as red transit-only lanes, left turn restrictions and forced right turns for private vehicles–went into effect.

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