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Measure and improve your drivers’ safety for insurance savings, loss reductions, and increased time on the road.

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“Zendrive is an important layer of safety precaution that we’re providing to make passengers feel confident about what is happening during every ride.”

Joanna McFarland Co-Founder & CEO of HopSkipDrive

Real-Time Fleet Safety and Savings

Your worst 25% of drivers are usually involved in 50% of collisions – an expensive risk. Do you know who they are?

Zendrive’s tools for fleets let you measure, monitor, and improve your drivers’ safety on the roads. With a real-time dashboard showing driver and fleetwide safety scores, you can make strategic decisions for your business to reduce risk, save money and save lives.

FleetReveal includes all the Zendrive tools, from WreckDetect, DriveDetect, and FuelSip, as well as the overall driver safety dashboard. From saving money on reduced risk, saving money on fuel, or saving money on insurance, FleetReveal gives you the control to optimize your business.

Real-Time Fleet Safety and Savings

Get immediate alerts when there’s been a crash. Build in automated responses, from notifying emergency contacts to calling a tow truck, for peace of mind.

Plus, WreckDetect saves a snapshot of the car’s data leading up to and during the crash, which makes it easier to file insurance claims and figure out if your driver was driving safely at the time.

Real-Time Fleet Safety and Savings

Fuel is one of your fleet’s highest costs. Fortunately, that can change.

Built on over 180 billion miles of driving data, Zendrive knows what driving patterns make a driver a gas-guzzler or a fuel-sipper. The FuelSip tool lets you see your drivers’ current driving habits, so you can coach them in real time towards better fuel efficiency. So when they drive better, you save at the pump… an average of $477/year for each driver.

Real-Time Fleet Safety and Savings

Zendrive’s dashboard gives you easy tools to help your riskiest drivers improve their behavior, reducing the likelihood of a collision by up to 49%.

When you know which drivers are riskiest, and which specific behaviors make them unsafe (from speeding to risky phone use to aggressive turning), you can coach them with targeted guidance that really works. You can improve the overall safety of your fleet, reducing risk and rewarding your best drivers.

Insurers trust our patented software to provide data that ensures you get the discounts you deserve based on your fleet’s safe driving habits.

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