Driver Safety / 1 min read
Jun 29, 2018

Track24: Protecting People and Vehicles in Global Hotspots

Track24 works to protect people and vehicles in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. The Dubai-based company helps multinationals and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) keep their people safe while operating in war zones.

Looking to improve driver safety, the Track24 team partnered with Zendrive to develop Collision Response. Their Smart24 mobile app now automatically detects crashes and alerts responsible parties. As a result, clients operating fleets of vehicles in global hotspots find this invaluable for driving on dangerous, unfamiliar roads.

Collision Response Protects People and Vehicles 

Track24 provides a range of hardware for location services from personal devices to integrated in-vehicle trackers. With customers working on the world’s frontiers, automatically detecting crashes on a smartphone is a crucial value-add.

“Zendrive’s ability to help us detect road traffic collisions from a phone is a game-changer for Track24,” said Raymond Kenney, Track24’s Managing Director. “When combined with our own security and safety focused app, Zendrive lets us offer a no-hardware solution in a market otherwise inhibited by installing telematics devices in vehicles.”

Read the rest of the case study here. Or, check out this webinar featuring experts from Track24 and Zendrive to learn how you can improve your own fleet’s safety.


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