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Apr 23, 2019

Phone Addicts are the New Drunk Drivers: Pledge to #TextYouLater!

Every April, to commemorate Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Zendrive shares insights from the largest dataset about how people drive. For our third annual Distracted Driving Study, we analyzed over 160 billion miles of driver data to uncover a dangerous new category of distracted drivers: Phone Addicts. This growing category of hyper-connected individuals exhibit a pattern …


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Zendrive Wins Frost & Sullivan 2019 North American Technology Innovation Award

It’s official. Frost & Sullivan has awarded Zendrive the 2019 North American Technology Innovation Award! This award recognizes innovative products of high-quality value with rapid market traction. It’s a huge validator for both our product and mission! We are proud to be recognized for making roads safer through data and analytics. This quote and positive endorsement …

Ok. Distracted Driving is a problem. How do we solve it?

The short answer: regulators, technology leaders, and parents – this is not just a regulatory issue! Together, we can bring an end to the distracted driving epidemic. Thanks to recent advances in smartphones, mobile networks, and app functionality, there are more attractive nuisances competing for our attention. And frankly, it’s no coincidence that distracted driving …

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