Software Engineering / 1 min read
Mar 08, 2019

Introducing Zendrive’s New Software Engineering Blog Series

Well, it’s time. Welcome to our first software engineering blog post!

As fanatical consumers of technical blogs, our engineers are excited to finally begin sharing their stories with the world. Once a month, our engineering team will share their thoughts, ideas and perspectives on all things data science, product and engineering!

Here’s what we’ll cover in our software engineering blog series:

  • Stories of how we develop and ship products
  • Tackling challenges related to scale
  • Lessons learned (and mistakes made)
  • Design choices and the discussions around them
  • Software engineering challenges and solutions

Brace yourselves for a fury of quirky comments on mobile engineering, backend, frontend, dev-ops, quality assurance, machine learning, data science, product management and more! Our hope is to make a meaningful contribution to the engineering community and add to the conversation. keep an eye out for tidbits about fun stuff and the technology we love working on every day!

Above all, we hope you enjoy these technical flavored posts, and if you’re excited by the work we do, be sure to check out our careers page! Keep an eye out for these blog posts on our new Zendrive Engineering Blog on Medium.