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Sep 28, 2016

Paving the Future of Auto Sales and Service: RedCap’s Premium Solution

Consumers are buying everything online. In nearly every aspect of their lives, people can experience the convenience of shopping and servicing from their home.

Buyers now want this experience with vehicle ownership.

People are already doing their pre-purchase vehicle research online. But many are looking to purchase their vehicle and servicing needs online as well, especially the next generation of auto consumers. Industry disruptor RedCap is solving this business challenge for automotive manufacturers and dealers.

“Consumers want to buy online because it’s easy, frictionless and saves time, but there’s a hurdle with vehicles. Shoppers demand test-driving before they purchase, especially luxury car buyers.”

– David Zwick, CEO of RedCap



Taking the Showroom to the Living Room

RedCap is helping to bring the showroom and dealer shop into the hands of consumers, creating a new automotive service category focused on facilitating out-of-store experiences.

Traditional car-buying and servicing experiences result in consumers spending hours in a dealership. RedCap streamlines this process with a software platform and expansive affiliate network of independently contracted drivers, making it seamless and effortless for customers and dealers.

In nearly 20 metro areas, consumers interested in test driving vehicles at their own homes or businesses can use their local dealer’s online ordering workflow. This workflow, built by RedCap, allows dealers to dispatch a fully trained driver who has been qualified as a product specialist (similar to “genius-bar” level of support).

After the sale, customers can use the same platform to have a safe and qualified driver dispatched to support servicing needs, including the delivery of a loaner vehicle. Instead of investing 2 to 3 hours waiting to have the car serviced, the consumer spends 5 to 7 minutes transitioning the car to an experienced driver that takes the car to and from the dealer’s shop.

With the click of a button or touch of a thumb, consumers can test drive and service their vehicles from the comfort and convenience of home.



Tracking Safety to Guarantee a White Glove Experience

Brands and manufacturers want to ensure that their customer’s experience out-of-store mirrors and surpasses the in-store experience at the dealership. In addition to their reputations, manufacturers also want to know their vehicles are protected from damage.

RedCap helps to ensure a white-glove, premium brand experience by understanding the complex needs and restrictions specific to manufacturers. Prior experience operating a chauffeur-on-demand service meant Zwick and his team understood that for car manufacturers and dealers to trust dispatched drivers with their high-end luxury vehicles, Redcap needed to prove their drivers were safe.

With the help of Zendrive, RedCap is able to monitor driver behavior during every trip. “Even when no one else is in the car, we can keep an eye on every driver,” says Zwick. “We know who is safest, who takes the most direct routes, who is most focused and more.”

By integrating the RedCap platform with the Zendrive API, RedCap is able to provide dealers and manufacturers complete visibility into each ride, across all segments and for every driver. With real-time trip data in hand, RedCap can accurately address individual driver and customer concerns.

“Prior to discovering Zendrive, we investigated alternatives and found most of them to be hardware-designed solutions that were impractical and expensive.”

– David Zwick, CEO of RedCap

Learn how Redcap is creating a better and safer car sales and service experience for manufacturers, dealers and customers at www.getredcap.com:

  • Manufacturers gain complete visibility into tens of thousands of test drives a month
  • Dealers have full confidence in the safe delivery of cars being test driven and serviced
  • Customers are assured a safe and courteous professional driver is behind the wheel during test-drives and in control of their car every time it goes to and from service


Visit www.zendrive.com and follow us @zendrive for more information.


Zendrive’s mission is to make the world’s roads safer through data and analytics. By leveraging mobile sensor data, we deliver actionable insights that improve safety for passengers and drivers worldwide, and provide insurers and fleets with direct line-of-sight into driving behavior and risk, with the ability to meaningfully reduce that risk along with operational costs. Launched in 2013 and based in San Francisco, Zendrive has analyzed billions of driving miles and trillions of data points.

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